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The Immanuel

We are all powerful!

The Gang story line!

The Immanuel is a gang that has lasted for years and is all about
being the top i,e being Omnipotent and this is not a gang for the
light hearted, as it was founded 1000 years back and it only accepts
the best, because the Immanuel are in all types of places from the
law to the worst criminal ridden places on the earth, but the Immanuel
is a brother hood and they strive by looking after themselves and those
worthy and that will be decided by the omnipotent one you are dealing with.
We don't attack are own and we protect each other at all costs!

The Gang rules!

Quote :

1) Follow server rules.
2) Respect all Gang members.
3) Try to help/protect Gang members.
4) Try to be friends with all Gang members and if not DONT be foes!

The Gang ranks!

Rank 1 - Trial member: You will be on trial until you have proven your omnipotence.

Rank 2 - Member: You are worthy and you can now ask for help and you can give help.

Rank 3 - Watcher: You are in place to make sure the lower ranks stay in order and
follow the rules and if not you shall report it to either rank 5 or 6.

Rank 4 - Overseer: You oversee and show signs of authority and if Rank 5 or 6
need help with anything Example: Decisions, Gang wars, Cops or anything else
we will call upon you before any other rank and you are the right and man/woman.

Rank 5 - Omnipresent: You have just as much authority as Rank 6, but you are still
not Rank 6, so your rank description is the description for Rank 6

Rank 6 - Omnipotent: The top/ The all mighty/ The all powerful. you are the boss,
the leader and you must leader the Immanuel and make sure is it in order, because
after all you are OMNIPOTENT.

To Join

Quote :
1) You must have the required standard of DM- death matching skills
Driving skills, escaping skills and Score.

2) You must agree to the rules or this gang.

3) You must pass the Trial rank, which decides "1)".

4) generally being able to speak some English.

5) A score of at least 200.

6) Post a reply to this thread in the format below and
it must be accepted.

Aplication format

Quote :





How often you are online:

Why you would like to join:

Before you apply, i would like to inform you that we will not accept
you if you do not meet the requirements and so if you know you wont
meet them then don't waste are time and apply!

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Gang: Immanuel
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